Has the black Olympus 12mm lens gone for good?

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Re: Zooms forever......

Olydude wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

Olydude wrote: Zoom only photographers generally learn nothing about composition.

Huh? And double huh?

Where the heck did you dredge that "fact" from?

Regards..... Guy

It's common knowledge... Just use a prime for a while and then realise how much more you actually use that thing between your ears to actually find a shot and then compose it. Zoom only shooters will sit there all day with their short telephoto and not bother to ever get anywhere near what they're trying to compose in order to achieve the shot. Meanwhile you're missing every possible angle, every different way of looking at it and you're looking at what you're shooting as if you've got horse blinkers on.

Well you and some others may behave that way with zooms but not me.

As I said, the feet are for finding perspective, the focal length is for finding the correct frame for that perspective.

[lotsa snips]

The good news for you and everyone else is that the 12 F/2 is lightning fast in every condition. No really, you should try it sometime. As soon as I tap the screen on my EPL5 it's already focused and taken a shot. It reacts quicker to the moment than is humanly possible.

Ditto the 12-40mm, touch screen af/shoot is instant, makes for great street candids without the subjects knowing what is going on. I never publish them as some people may not like their privacy being invaded despite it being a public street or place.

Anyway, this is totally boring argument and quite funny to me as in film days in the old and unlamented Photoshopper forum I called myself "The Prime Lens Preacher" and extolled the virtues of primes, but since then grew up and now life is a joy with a zoom that works better than primes for all practical purposes.

Over and out.

Regards.... Guy

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