Has the black Olympus 12mm lens gone for good?

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Re: The old prime vs zoom arguments

It depends, 12mm at F/2 means you can go out and shoot in available light and not have to worry about a fill flash, or boosting your ISO, or anything like that. I don't have a specifically great example, however this will suffice for the purposes of this discussion, where you want to capture the natural effect of lighting in the sky as well as the ambient lighting coming from the shops. The 12 F/2 can do this at a reasonable ISO without having to worry about camera shake, or shutter interference hand held.

The lack of edge sharpness then also becomes a non-issue as you're shooting specifically in a situation that due to the shadow you don't see the edges of the lens anyway. The fish and chips/coffee sign, the Thai flags and the mufti-coloured lighting as well as the orange glow and the natural blue in the sky you get from shooting at that time of day then become your primary focus.

How much weight do you put in using available light? I see plenty of togs that use the wrong exposure values, ISO settings or whatever, and miss the opportunity for a shot like this one. I've been directed on this site by one person or another over the years to overexpose as if to take a shot as if it is was daylight.

I digress... You want a use for a bright lens? You have one.

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