Has the black Olympus 12mm lens gone for good?

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Re: Has the black Olympus 12mm lens gone for good?

Looks like a web fight over whether you should get the 12--black, silver or blue--or the 12-40 (black only!).

Both are good choices. One is tiny, the other not. One is expensive, the other, slightly less expensive. Only one is weatherproof. Always good to map out your needs then get the gizmo that better suites them.

Had I bought the 12-40 first, I'd probably not consider the 12/2.0 but I did the reverse and despite the zoom being all that, I'm not selling off the prime. It still has its unique charms, even if it's not going to get as much use as before. But that's a lot of money to tie up so best to get just one..but which?

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