Has the black Olympus 12mm lens gone for good?

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Re: Has the black Olympus 12mm lens gone for good?

Olydude wrote:

That's the whole point... You're not learning anything about focal lengths or why they exist, or why there has been standard focal lengths such as 24, 28, 35, 50, 90, 100, and 135mm for such a long time.

How are you not learning about focal lengths when using a zoom? With a zoom you're constantly changing focal lengths. You might not learn the angle of view of one in particular focal length quite so intimately, but why do you need to when if visualise it slightly wrong you can zoom. I've learnt all about the effect different focal lengths have on the look of a photo and as mentioned the only primes I've had are a fish-eye and a 25mm f1.4 (maybe I didn't mention it was the 25mm, meh)

There is a specific and valid reason why these focal lengths are chosen more often than not by photographers, and that is that they suit the style of photography and have done so for so long that they are somewhat of a standard. That's OK if you don't want to adhere to that, but you should at least recognise that such standards exist for good reason.

Those focal lengths are chosen more often than not by photographers because most photographers are nothing if not traditionalists. You still get people arguing that digital hasn't yet caught up to film and auto-focus can never be as accurate as manual focus.

They were chosen initially because some set of focal lengths had to be chosen, and they were fairly well spaced. There's nothing magic about a shot at 50mm compared to 49mm, it just happened to be that 50mm is a nice round number (and tbh it wouldn't surprise me one bit if when accurately measured some of the wonderful old 50mm lenses are actually a weeny bit longer or shorter than 50mm). In fact many lens sets had (and sometimes still have) 55mm and 58mm "standard" lenses. Due to these two focal lengths not being in your list does that mean that any photographers taken with them aren't as pleasing as those taken with a "standard" focal length?

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