Has the black Olympus 12mm lens gone for good?

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Guy Parsons
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Zoom is good for me.

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Where the 12/2.0 does excel is that it is small and a very good low light lens - for that purpose alone as much as its general acceptable performance for general purpose use it is worth having. But the Sigma Art lenses have a far better cost/performance ratio.

In my case I needed a good 12mm but the price made me hesitate and I was learning that primes aren't really needed for me. The E-PL5 sensor lifted the low light performance and AF to where primes were not a factor for me, even was good with the kit lenses.

Next along came the 12-40/2.8 and its better edge to edge than the 12/2 lens at wide open and the "sacrifice" of f/2.0 to f/2.8 means nothing to me as far as low light is concerned.

Chunky size is a problem for some but for me made the E-PL5 into an excellent nice bulk and mass to hand-hold and seems to allow slower shutter speeds before I need to indulge in IBIS. It still fits in my small snoot bag along with flash and the 45-150mm for when I want light travel so is no problem at all to carry all day.

Regards.... Guy

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