Advice for GPS to use during visit to UK (Yorkshire Dales)

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Thanks, Sally...

Too bad we can't access dpreview on the plane because as we're flying over it would nice to re-read this thread!


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Why can't you use your mobile? Presume there is nothing to stop you using a GB SIM in the phone?

Pre download and cache the appropriate GOOGLE maps then use in the UK, I've cached maps for use in France with no problems at all.

Someone like TESCO does a pay as you go SIM for £1.00, minimum top up £10 and 500mb data for a month for another £5.

fairly inexpensive solution.

The signals in the Yorkshire Dales is decidedly iffy, dont rely on a mobile phone for GPS is my advice, use a map !

Plan your route and check this website out ..

Its a beautiful place with loads of photo opportunities , have a great time

Ps , Try to get to Whitby on the East Coast and Robin Hoods Bay .

Photos of both I think, are on my flickr .



Apps with on-board (i.e. in storage) maps don't need your provider data links -

Use satellite (i.e. location service) - no dependencies on "iffy" phone reception what so ever.

If you still have problems (with satellite anywhere) you've got other device problems.

But, Yes Google Maps does not have in storage maps and needs a phone (data) down-link.

Good Luck.

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