Has the black Olympus 12mm lens gone for good?

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Re: Has the black Olympus 12mm lens gone for good?

Guy Parsons wrote:

Seems true, yodobashi.com when Google translated shows this for the black 12mm....

M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12mm F2.0 [M. Zuiko Digital Micro Four Thirds 12mm/F2.0 Limited Black Kit]¥ 92,500
I, has been discontinued

So used is the only source now.

Regards..... Guy


My tale of woe ...

A few months ago I decided I needed a 12/2.0 for my black GM1 for my trip to NZ.  A black 12/2.0 seemed essential even at more than the entry price of the GM1 and kit lens.  Shuffled my feet over the price difference.  Then found an Australian site in Adelaide with the cheapest black 12/2.0 on offer worldwide. So I thought I would have one of them, thinking that the vendor was simply clearing stock.  Well a month later they were still explaining that they were awaiting their back-order from the Olympus Australian distributor.  So much for being in stock, it might have still been on the distributors price list.  We came to a mutual agreement that Olympus were not going to deliver and the vendor took it off their own catalogue.  Therefore I presume stocks were drying up and that there were no more for Australia.

I then set out to self-import but there were not many to be had and I eventually had to settle for one direct from Japan, which of course arrived in the usual prompt efficient Japanese manner in the matter of days.  In fact probably much the same time as it could be freighted from Adelaide.  Considering that I presume the local distributer also imports from Japan it is a bit remiss of them not to fill a back order for this expensive little lens over a month.  My guess must be that Olympus head office no longer has any to sell but which in any case should have been good cause to feed that fact back to me if customer relations meant anything. It seemed pretty slack to me.

So "they" complain because people buy direct form overseas but with service like that we might just wonder why.

In the end the lens is quite good and I would not send it back, but as to being worth the money?  I am not quite so sure.  Maybe at half the price I would still be being robbed, but the black version looks really good on the GM1 and it is small and light. However as mentioned elsewhere the Sigma Art lenses are screaming bargains and can be bought off the shelf in Australia with literally overnight delivery.  Bought one afternoon and delivered up the coast next day to my door.  They work pretty well if my tired old eyesight is any judge.  A set of three for half the price of one black Olympus 12/2.0.  (19/30/60 - all f2.8 and physically larger but just as well built, all black, good looking, with hoods and proper cases instead of a simple soft pouch).   CR Kennedy "rocks".

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