Has the black Olympus 12mm lens gone for good?

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Re: Has the black Olympus 12mm lens gone for good?

NewGirlLiz wrote:

Anyone know anything about this? I've been starting to think about buying the Olympus 12 mm lens and was looking for a black one - but they're out of stock almost everywhere I look (in the UK). Have they ditched the 'special edition' run and that's it, no more black ones, or are they planning to bring the black one out again, perhaps at a price that's closer to the silver one? I'm trying to decide whether to snap up a second hand one, grit my teeth and go for silver, or wait!



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I have the black one - I had to search for a "reasonable" price and had to buy it from Japan to get it.  It still came at a good premium over the silver version as one might expect.

As far as I know they were a once-only limited edition run.  In fact it comes marked "limited edition" and if it were made again there would be a few owners who had paid the premium for this limited edition who might be slightly annoyed.

I watched one being sold second hand on eBay just recently out of "idle curiosity" and noted that it sold for more than the new price of the silver version - such is the pulling-power of "black".

I am not sure if the black version gets a little more build attention to justify its "limited" status  (I doubt it), but it certainly comes with an oem hood and a filter which is not supplied with the silver version.  But after market hoods for the silver one (and a black version if your black hood is ever lost) are quite cheap.

As for capability.  I am just a little disappointed at this relatively expensive lens' performance.  Not that it is bad but the very cheap and great value Sigma Art series arguably match it and I have a set of three Sigma lenses for almost exactly half the rpice of one "limited edition" Olympus lens.

Where the 12/2.0 does excel is that it is small and a very good low light lens - for that purpose alone as much as its general acceptable performance for general purpose use it is worth having.  But the Sigma Art lenses have a  far better cost/performance ratio.

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