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Truman Prevatt
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Some interesting questions for SD1Q

While I tend to agree that Sigma has the body and they could build an SD1Q and while building a camera with a mirror box is not difficult and Sigma has one, there are some significant issues with an SDQ having to do with alignment and quality control - especially if the sensor is a good as advertised.  Just look at all the problems that showed up with the Nikon D800 when first introduced in the PDAF system. PDAF is very prone errors without absolute alignment in the light path.  As the resolution goes up the alignment gets more critical since a high resolution sensor will show alignment errors sooner (with soft images) than a lower resolution.  The D800 sensor just outstripped the Nikon factory to get the proper alignment.  In reality it may very well be that the D800E detector density along with no AA filter and the new high resolution lenses are to the point that are PDAF tolerances to the point they can no longer be easily be met.

If the Q is as good as touted - it will tax Sigma both in the design of the PDAF system and in the manufacturing tolerances for building the PDAF into the cameras.  If the sensor as comparable to the D800 - then I expect that Sigma will have a lot of technical issues to overcome.  At least they should know them from the Nikon experience.  This also brings to the front the question of live view.  If the resolution is that good, should not Sigma have live view in an SDQ and a more robust PDAF system.

I think there is a lot of engineering to go before Sigma is ready to put a Q sensor in a DSLR body.  In reality a mirror less like the Sony AR7 I think makes more sense. You eliminate the PDAF upgrade along with the PDAF alignment issues in manufacturing.  On the other hand you will need to develop new lenses or have a camera that is larger than the need be and convince people that an EVF is as good as an OVF.

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