Separation of FF and APS-C Lenses

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Re: clarify....

robbo d wrote:

Apologies, my response was more so to Jeff. He seemed to have jumped on the Pentax FF bandwagon.......

You might have meant it for Jeff but the reply was to me.

perhaps you can help me out here..... do i gather correctly that it's just a new function that has been added to all brands and youare merely pointing out the new (helpful) feature rather than surmising an imminent announcement from Pentax ? 

As I wrote in the OP, "FWIW: I noticed that at you can now narrow the DSLR lenses down to Full Frame (FF) or APS-C lenses." That implies all DSLR lenses. The "you can now" (see above) implies that it was not that way before but it is now. Since this is a Pentax forum the links I provided are for Pentax mount DSLR lenses.

In a nutshell, it is something that is new (in the last day or two) and I noticed it. I then merely pointed out this new feature to forum members.



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