Has the black Olympus 12mm lens gone for good?

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Re: Has the black Olympus 12mm lens gone for good?

Olydude wrote:

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Olydude wrote:

Unless you want more depth of field, or better low light performance, or the compact size of the 12mm as the 12-40 is ridiculous in terms of it's size for what it offers, or a lens you can buy second hand for $500, as opposed to closer to $900 for the 12-40. There's many advantages to the 12...

He did say if they already have a 12-40mm which makes the cost a mute point, he mentioned the size and the DoF attainable isn't going to be much different.

First of all it's a moot point... so if you're going to bother to correct someone you might get your language right in the first place, and no it doesn't actually.

I wasn't correcting you, just disagreeing with your point of view. If you want to go through my reply picking apart my spelling and grammar for whatever pleasure you might get out of it then feel free.

The price difference between the 12 F/2 and the 12-40 F/2.8 is substantial.

But not relevant if you already have the 12-40mm.

I could say you can find a 12 F/2 for half the price of a 12-40 F/2.8 which is substantial, particularly when the 12 F/2 is sharper across its range where it counts in centre weighted sharpness.

There's also enough of a difference with depth of field and light gathering ability to make enough of a difference to buy the prime outright, while you may not ever get close enough to frame a shot at F/2 you can't speak for everyone else and then, there's the fact that at F/2, your light gathering ability approximately doubles, as compared to F/2.8... That is to say while you're shutter speed is at 500 at F/2.8 at F/2 it could be down at 250... I don't care what you think otherwise that is significant enough when you are shooting in low light.

Fair nuf. I personally never find an extra stop difference in ISO worth enough to change lenses. I guess that's why the only primes I have are an f1.4 and a fisheye.

Then there's the other thing here with people who like to get on their soapbox about how there's no need to buy primes anymore since this lens fell out of the sky from the land of milk and honey, which doesn't even bother to beg an answer in itself.

On the other hand it doesn't give you the freedom of a zoom, which is a two edged sword of course. Zooms make you lazy and you never will really learn to compose with one,

No. YOU make you lazy. Zooms just allow you to stay your own special breed of lazy.

or move with your feet to get the best possible shot,

Apart from the fast that zooming with your feet with change the perspective, possibly in ways that you don't want and therefore it likely won't be the best possible shot.

Umm this makes very little sense actually, in your world you would choose a focal length and then move with your feet. In my world I choose the best possible framing for that frame size and think of the composition, but either way, the shot remains the same. At 12mm zoom you can frame exactly the same shot as I can with my 12mm prime nothing changes.

No, in my world I choose my perspective then frame with my zoom. I don't choose a photograph based on a focal length, I choose a focal length based on a photographer.

Things only change when you zoom in and make it a 13mm shot at which point I've already changed to a different lens anyway such as a 14mm , 17mm or 25mm... Zoom doesn't help with composition, it just changes the lens width to something else. There is no advantage of a zoom over someone who shoots with a prime.

Apart from when the shot I want requires a 13mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm, 21mm, 22mm... you get my point. Yes you could get close enough with a prime and then crop, but why do that when you can get around changing lenses in the field and avoid having to crop in post. Unless you need the extra light gathering ability of shallow DoF which might be noticeable with for instance a fast prime vs a kit zoom there is no compositional advantage to primes.

Nothing else you've said makes any sense so get down off the soap box and put away your capital letters and mute your voice. If the OP wants a black 12mm F/2 lens then so be it, I'm talking in matters of fact, not in capital letters...

You're not, you're prancing about with some ideology that primes will make you a better shooter which as a lover of zooms I find incredibly annoying. I'm not lazy, my compositions don't suffer because of it and shooting with primes will not magically reveal a new unseen set of compositions to me. I have no issue with the OP wanting a black 12mm, I just have issue with you saying that zoom shooters are lazy photographers.

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