I vacuumed the dust out of my SEL 18-200mm lens.

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Re: O Ring?

Tom Hoots wrote:

Photozopia wrote:

Although obviously not for the Nex, this project on Kickstarter seems to be on to something:


In the meantime, this kit, available from REI, has two rubber O-rings that will fit perfectly into the "gap" between any NEX lens and the lens mount:


I don't think you can find anything that will fit as well as the O-rings included in this kit will.

And, it's very obvious that dust gets into the lens via this gap. When you try to vacuum dust out anywhere else around the lens, nothing happens. It'll only come out if you vacuum from the bottom of the lens. Thus, that's how the dust has to be getting in there. And hopefully keeping something on there to close that gap will help.

Tom Hoots

Giving a super zoom lens which has such a big difference in volume between 18 an 200 mm there has to be an exchange of air. You cannot assume that no air will fill this volume, otherwise the vacuum in there would'nt allow to zoom anyway.
So if you close one gap, the air fill find another way into the lens.

I see no sense in the "dust donut".
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PS: I still did not try the vacuum cleaner with my SEL 18200 because I fear damaging the articulating lens group of the OSS inside.

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