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Is a FF camera worth it for these reasons? (Continue...)

Don't understand why the above thread was locked in 5D forum? 5D/1D forum is never a fair place to discuss/debate on my personal experiences. But I feel I need to response to GB's post and want to debate in this open forum which is much fair and much well managed.

==Not cool, Peter== (that is GB's post title)

Great Bustard wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

The question is if FF has enough of an advantage at base ISO to make a noticeable difference in the IQ at the size people display their photos.

Absolutely especially in large size. Most top landscape photographers are using FF or even MF cameras.

Then again, all FF really offers over crop is convenience.

Absolutely not, is absolute better IQ.

What you did above is called a "quote mine", and it's a very dishonest thing to do. What I said was:

Then again, all FF really offers over crop is convenience. For static scenes, it's a simple matter to merge and stitch photos -- there's even automated software for it. So, you just take a few more photos with crop than you would have taken with FF.

Please, don't misrepresent what I've said in such a manner again. I mean, it's one thing to honestly misinterpret, or disagree with, what I've said, but intentional misrepresentation, especially with such a blatant quote mine, is another thing all together.


Intentionally? Dishonest? All you (GB) can do are just resort to irrational and personal accusation. Do you want to a debate with pure technical matter or you want to slip into personal attacking?

I said clear in my last post. It's crop actually has convenience - small/light/cheaper gear. I didn't misunderstand what you said. You mean by stitching crop photos can equal FF IQ. So let's go to a bit far, can you stitch your cell phone photos to equal A7R or D800E IQ? You got kidding me, right?

FF has better ISO is not just at high ISO or higher resolution but at base ISO, details/clarity (the difference is pretty big when view at large size, even at 2000-pixel wide and above), sharpness, color tonality and perspective.

Then GB, why yourself picked up FF cameras, 5D and now 6D but trying so hard to downplay FF's advantages?  Sounds to me sort of hypocrisy.

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