Separation of FF and APS-C Lenses

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Re: Separation of FF and APS-C Lenses

MANY thanks for this post, Ron!

For the first time, not only am I able to see EVERY SINGLE LENS currently available in the K mount, I'm also able to see them separated by APS-C only vs. FF compatible.

This is excellent! For those of us who're anticipating the likelihood Ricoh/Pentax WILL come out with a FF camera some time in the near future, it can better help us make decisions when buying lenses, as we can see which ones will be FF compatible, since those lenses also work just FINE on APS-C cameras. Some of us already have a few such lenses (such as the Sigma 50-500, or the Pentax F 2.8 100mm Macro -- one of only a half dozen lenses in the current Pentax line that IS FF compatible, and one of only two or three that is a lens DEVELOPED since Pentax went digital-only that is FF compatible).

Based on a few factors (including the fact that for a brief time a year or two ago there were WARNINGS on Pentax's lens page under all the DA* lenses that they would VIGNETTE on a FF camera), I feel certain a FF camera is on the horizon. That makes it much more of a debate whether or not to buy an APS-C-ONLY K-mount lens, or one that's FF compatible. Unless it's a bargain lens (the Sigma 18-250 is an example -- especially now that it's down to $349), or something I just HAVE TO HAVE, I think I'll "err" on the side of a likely future with any lens purchases I make from now on.

One thing I feel will seal the deal as to whether Ricoh/Pentax is planning to release a FF camera will be if the new DA* lens on the "road map" is FF compatible. If it is, I think we will KNOW FOR SURE. Of course it's entirely possible if that's the case that the lens and the FF camera will both be released together at Photokina in the fall.


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