Has the black Olympus 12mm lens gone for good?

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Re: Has the black Olympus 12mm lens gone for good?

Olydude wrote:

Unless you want more depth of field, or better low light performance, or the compact size of the 12mm as the 12-40 is ridiculous in terms of it's size for what it offers, or a lens you can buy second hand for $500, as opposed to closer to $900 for the 12-40. There's many advantages to the 12...

He did say if they already have a 12-40mm which makes the cost a mute point, he mentioned the size and the DoF attainable isn't going to be much different.

On the other hand it doesn't give you the freedom of a zoom, which is a two edged sword of course. Zooms make you lazy and you never will really learn to compose with one,

No. YOU make you lazy. Zooms just allow you to stay your own special breed of lazy.

or move with your feet to get the best possible shot,

Apart from the fast that zooming with your feet with change the perspective, possibly in ways that you don't want and therefore it likely won't be the best possible shot. If you can get the absolute best possible shot with the focal length you happen to have on the camera then you're very lucky.

or realise that an 40mm framed shot is a completely different shot to one that is framed at 12mm even if you're standing at an equivalent perspective.

Surely it's easier to realise this when you have a zoom with both those focal lengths, rather than having to change lenses.

I wouldn't give up my 12mm if you paid me to... there are too many different equations out there to deal with where it gives a definitive advantage over a zoom.

About the only useful thing you've said.

Sorry, I just get annoyed at when people say zooms make them lazy. I like zooms precisely because I'm not lazy. I want to be able to get the perfect framing combined with the perfect perspective and am therefore happy with walk around to fine the perfect perspective and once there use my zoom to also get the perfect framing. I'd hate finding the right perspective and the find out I have to take five steps back to get the framing I had in mind.

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