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Re: On paper maybe

Schwany wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

Absolutely difference between crop and FF. FF system (lens + sensor) is much better than APS-C or smaller crop system in IQ.

My point is that,

if APS-C lens is equally well designed and optimized on APS-C, then it will perform better than a FF lens designed and optimized on an APS-C camera with the same or similar FL on the same FF eq spec such as a F1.8 lens on APS-C vs a F2.8 lens on FF;

However the same APS-C lens on APS-C camera is still not as good as the FF lens on a FF camera.

Sigma 18-35/1.8 is such a good sample.

FF most certainly comes out on top over crop (Canon vs Canon -- other APS-C, or mFT, has various advantages over Canon FF due to the superior Sony sensors).

This is one thing I have not seen in any real user example images from Sony's crop cameras. I think it is what everyone is supposed to believe based on paper specs, reviews, charts, and blogs, but I have not seen the IQ superiority. Most of what I've seen looks like it could have been taken with a smart phone. Essentially, no better or worse than anyone else's crop or full frame sensor offerings.

Not really the case. The current gen Sony crop sensor is darn good. I suspect you really haven't compared a high DR scene taken with one vs another.

Sony Crop (D7K)

VS Canon crop (60D)

One does appear a bit better to my eye and not on PAR with each other as you suggest.

In my opinion, more, by far, are better served with crop than with FF.

That I agree with 100%. Cheaper is always better on the interweb.

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