DIY- The 4$ tune up for the SEL1650 - Lens hood

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DIY- The 4$ tune up for the SEL1650 - Lens hood


just wanted to inform you about a easy and effective improvement of the SEL1650 lens, which is quite sensitive to strong light (e.g. window) just outside of the frame. It is supplied without a lens hood and uses a 49.5 mm filter thread.

Step one: get a filter ring adapter from 40.5 to 49mm

Step two: tape a small strip of black enforced linen tape (not electrical tape) onto the outside of the filter ring.

Step three: Take the lens hood of the SEL1855 and press it onto the filter ring adapter.

Step 4: Screw it onto your 1650 lens till it gets somewhat tight.

Step 5: Mark topmost part of the ring (best from front) with a pen

Step 6: Unscrew, take off hood and then align red dot of the lens hood ("SONY", indicating top position) with mark on the adapter, then press hood onto the adapter in that position.

Finished. You can now use the lens hood of the SEL1855 as a screw-on lens hood for the SEl1650PZ.

This hood does not shade the corners even at 16mm in my experience and sticks quite well onto the ring with this modification. While it is not perfect, it certainly improves flaring. If you don't own 1855, the hood can be sourced in the web for 5-7 $.

As alternative, you can instead get an adapter from 49.5 to 52 and use one of the cheap screw-one lens hoods. However, the risk is with those to get one that doesn't vignette.

Lens hood of SEL1855 mounted on SEL1650PZ


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