correct AF in these action shots -A6000 & LA4 +Tamron 70-300 USD

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re: can you take and post a series of static target shots...

clearzoom wrote:

jpr2 wrote:

clearzoom wrote:

tried these wake boarders with A6000 with LA4 _ Tamron 70-300 USD the same shooting distance as this one, with good light? Of course replicating also all other shooting params from the exif, and of course the same lens, FL and LA4 ? The plane of critical focus seems to coincide with his left boot and the towing rope - at least only there the details are about good enough. Are these processed RAWs or rather JPGs (it seems the latter)??


jpr - thks for the comment. yes I waited today for bright sunlight, but it didn't come, sun light was average today, so you have a good point there.

also increasing shutter speed to 1/4000 helps? it might up the iso to 800 or 1600 depending on sunlight, as I go back to this event on sunday AM. these are jpg.

...not sure whether it might be SS-dependent, that small series you've posted already contained 1/4000 sec. but the shots were worse than the one I've singled out.

I'm following with high interest all fast action cases from the a6k and various lenses, but so far it was ONLY series from the 18-105/4 PZ that yielded beautifully crisp and critically focused images.

Even the 16070/4 ZA, of which we know that it is highly capable of delivering stunningly crisp static scenes, so far has failed to convince me that the same will be a norm for fast action and 11 FPS.

As to the JPG mode - it was certainly a downgrading factor in many fast dynamic action shooting sesions, so... I'd suggest to try and compare RAWs for your "Perfect Light + Static Scenes" testing scenario


PS thank you for the high praise in PM

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