The Low Light Struggling

Started May 23, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: The Low Light Struggling

Damián B wrote:


So I was shooting an event in very dim light and the 6D struggled really hard to find focus. I was using a E3-RT and a couple of 600EX.

Can anyone give me a suggestion on how is this improved for a PRO photographer. Does the 5D MKiii make a difference? I'm yet to understand why there is no an AF lamp on these models and why the E3-RT doesn't have one neither.

Doing work and not for pleasure is what made me realise how much of a struggle it is.

The 6D AF goes down to -3EV and the 5D MIII -2EV. Using the single centre point you should find the 6D easier to use. I can only think you must be in very low light. I was taking theatre production photos with a 5D, 4 days ago and that only goes to -0.5EV and only once out of 399 photos did it struggle to lock focus in very low light (3200 iso, 1/20 sec f4 with i.s sometimes). All I did then was look for a brighter area that was the same distance away and locked focus onto that.

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