The Low Light Struggling

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Re: The Low Light Struggling

Damián B wrote:


So I was shooting an event in very dim light and the 6D struggled really hard to find focus. I was using a E3-RT and a couple of 600EX.

Can anyone give me a suggestion on how is this improved for a PRO photographer. Does the 5D MKiii make a difference? I'm yet to understand why there is no an AF lamp on these models and why the E3-RT doesn't have one neither.

Doing work and not for pleasure is what made me realise how much of a struggle it is.

Yeah, it's not quite so much fun when it's a job, is it?  I actually find that it is but it's "tough fun" if that makes sense.  At least we're doing something we really love and that makes it all worthwhile.  In any case, the solution for you might be to pop another 600RT onto your camera.  Voila.  You now have AF assist.  And of course, you can tell the on-cam flash no to fire.  It may seem like a shame to set the E3 on the sideline and of course you need to pick up another 600RT but that will get you your AF assist.  I've usually been able to get by without doing this but sometimes, just to be sure, I'll go this route.

And out of curiosity, are you missing AF or are you finding it takes longer to get it.  There is a difference.  I've shot low light reception (static and moving subjects) with the 50 1.4 and not had issue finding focus with the 5D3 (center AF point) with no flash help needed.  That's the beauty of these cameras in that you have to get really really dark before you'll get focus.  You must either be pitch black or it's a matter of you're finding focus is slower and therefore causing you to miss shots (cause by the time it locks, subject has moved)?

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