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Re: FF vs crop

Great Bustard wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

Absolutely difference between crop and FF. FF system (lens + sensor) is much better than APS-C or smaller crop system in IQ.

My point is that,

if APS-C lens is equally well designed and optimized on APS-C, then it will perform better than a FF lens designed and optimized on an APS-C camera with the same or similar FL on the same FF eq spec such as a F1.8 lens on APS-C vs a F2.8 lens on FF;

However the same APS-C lens on APS-C camera is still not as good as the FF lens on a FF camera.

Sigma 18-35/1.8 is such a good sample.

FF most certainly comes out on top over crop (Canon vs Canon -- other APS-C, or mFT, has various advantages over Canon FF due to the superior Sony sensors).

Mainly DR. Canon FF IQ is still better than Sony sensor-based crop in IQ overall.

However, there are three situations where the IQ advantages of FF are severely limited:

  • Equivalent Photos (same DOF and shutter speed)

You seem never can get out of the loop of 'equivalency". Why you'd need to shoot on such equivalency with a FF camera?

  • Deep DOF Photos (due to diffraction)

Not again please, otherwise why not on 1" sensor, why not on 1/1.7" or 1/2.3" sensor? Shallow DOF with FF is only in two scenarios - a) artistic presentation such as in portrait or shallow DOF look photos; b) in low light to keep ISO low with a fast lens. Either darker edges are not important or you just need to stop down one-stop to get sharper but a bit of out of focus plane FF edge photo compared to softer but more-in-focus-plane APS-C edge photos while vast center and mid-frame from FF is much sharper, cleaner with better color tonality. I'd pickup such FF photo any day. APS-C photo doesn't have an advantage even at edges. As said out-focus-plane blur <> softness.

In daylight or good light then FF can stop down to have the same DOF as crop, and suffers less in diffraction actually. Did you see Pentax 645Z samples taken at F16?

In my experiences, I have not found FF has an issue in DOF in low light photos that is overexaggerated by you. Otherwise you really should use a 1/2.3" sensor compact camera.

  • Small Display Size (display on a computer monitor and/or prints at, say, 8x12 inches or smaller)

I can see difference clearly even at 2000-pixel wide between 60D and 5D2 or even 5D1 that latter two are noticeably sharper, cleaner and better color toanlity. But as I said the potential of difference is quite substantial if you can leverage it.

In these situations, the IQ advantage of FF over crop are greatly diminished, and one might well find the operational advantages of crop, not to mention the lower cost, to make crop the better system. In my opinion, more, by far, are better served with crop than with FF.

I am sure to most people a P&S or a cellphone camera is good enough. But the IQ advantage of FF over crop is substantial there that you can leverage it.

By that sense, I believe that is the reason you picked up FF camera 5D and now 6D for yourself rather a crop camera, rather a mFT or a compact. The only puzzle is that you are trying to persuade others FF is not really much better than crop and crop is enough for them, that sounds pretty strange that what you said is not what you actually did, hum.

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