The editor... two very, very minute "issues"...

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Re: The editor... two very, very minute "issues"...

Richard Shih wrote:

Janoch wrote:

First, when applying italic to a text piece, the space after the italic part is stripped of...

Second issue is even minutier (?), but sometimes you can't delete a letter under cursor? Only move cursor to the right and then use backspace to erase...

As you see, 'minute' is certainly the keyword here! so please only take this as a feedback.

Though it would be nice to get rid of the stripped space thing...

Which operating system and browser are you using?

I'm using Windows 7 andproud user of IE 11... no, not ashamed!

And "and" in italic from here... high-lighted and clicked I in menu... seems ok??


Seems okay in editor here, but gets truncated, once posted?

In the above sentence, I typed it out, double-clicked on the word 'and' and it selected the space character after the word, then hit CTRL + I. The word 'and' was italicized without any space being lost.

"Even more minute"?

Smart*beeeep* !

Is there an example you give about being unable to delete a letter? I can't seem to reproduce that as well.

There doesn't really seem to be a system. Random as far as I can see... will keep an eye out!

And plus 1 to "the work" remark, btw.

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