Advice for GPS to use during visit to UK (Yorkshire Dales)

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Guy Parsons
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This is what I will get one day.

Isabel Cutler wrote:

Seems there is more than one, with prices varying from 40 to $70.


Possibly next year for us to UK and I was looking at this map......

The card version to be posted to me. Not this one though, I somehow ended up with a UK site instead of Oz$. Maybe postage might add to this?

The download (one download only) version is same price......

I don't think I would download as memory space might be a problem, better with the Micro SD card and only plug in when needed.

Our Garmin is a (few years old) Nuvi 1350 that came with lifetime updates for Australia and NZ, bought in Sydney where we live. It works OK for us no fuss. In fact in our car we don't stick it on the windshield, Lyn usually just holds it in her hand or rests in her lap and it still gets the signals OK when she is the passenger. Good to use for walking mode if wandering on foot in some strange town.

Hints for cars, we hired a two door Fiat one time and it was useless in the average council car park as the doors swung too wide and in some cases we could not get out of the car. A small/narrow 4 door car would allow access when crammed into some of those very narrow parking spots.

Be pre-shocked at fuel prices by having a browse in here Saves having the price heart attacks when you first fill up. And that is priced per litre, it takes 3.78541 litres to make 1 US gallon. Does USA still use gallons at pumps?

Regards.... Guy

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