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Re: Photographic evidence of what?

nicodimus22 wrote:

djddpr wrote:


Does your posted partial resurrection of a terribly underexposed photo comprise all of your evidence for raw vs. jpg? I think not -- I have seen and commented favorably on too many of your photos. I know you to be quite good at photography. I expect that you have perhaps hundreds of raw post-processed photos that please you. Please share some of your favorites or even not-so-favorites that illustrate of your position. Let participants in this issue and photographers at large see results from each camp and decide for themselves. I include myself among those who are willing to be convinced that raw post-processing is (generally) superior to jpg plus post-processing; and, if the photographic evidence so indicates, I would be eager to learn from you and others.

Well, you've already seen many of my favorites, so I'm not quite sure what you're looking for. I don't shoot JPEG any longer, so I don't have comparison shots to offer. I shot JPEG + RAW for the first week I owned the camera because I was unfamiliar with RAW at the time. After comparing the final product of each on a calibrated 1440p monitor, I found the processed RAW images to be slightly cleaner and significantly more flexible during post-processing in Lightroom.

I don't have an emotional stake in what format anyone else uses. If they want to shoot RAW + JPEG and compare the results as I did, it's easy to do and free. If they don't care, that's fine too. However, those that say that RAW offers no advantages whatsoever are incorrect. It has advantages and drawbacks, as does JPEG. Whether they personally feel like using it is a separate issue.

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Posting comparative RAW and JPG images would be invaluable here.  But there is still plenty of merit to posting some or even many of one version only.  Both of us like taking and posting close-ups of botanical subjects, and you have posted some beauties.  How about posting some here and indicate which are post-processed RAW/JPG?  Let photographers at large see your results.  I suspect that the photography community would enjoy your results, and it would provide valuable data for their decisions.

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