King For Sony Wireless TTL Flash Trigger with A7r..!

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Re: King For Sony Wireless TTL Flash Trigger with A7r..!

dreamahm wrote:

symbology wrote:

dreamahm wrote:

dreamahm wrote:

Hello everyone,

Need help on how to make King For Sony Wireless TTL Flash Trigger work with my A7r.

It's not working with me

Thank you.

I have this already but it's not working with trigger only flash.

Pixel TF-324 Sony Alpha Flash Hot Shoe Converter Adapter - Black

What is not working?

Is the remote flash shutting down?

I have the Phottix Odin's and have had no problems with my a7. I did have an issue on the RX100M2 where the flash would maybe fire once and then shut off. I fixed this by changing the sleep setting on the flash to disable auto shut off. So, my flash was set to be on all of the time this allowed the Odin's to work with my RX100M2.

Try it again not working

Again,   What is not working?

If you could explain what is not working that would be helpful to those that are trying to help you.

Do those triggers work at all?  Do they have a test button?   Are they setup on the same channel?  Do they power on?   Does it look like the TX sends a signal (any indicator lights?)   Does it look like the RX receives the signal (any indicator lights?), but does not flash?

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