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Re: Just an idea for posts...

dwa1 wrote:

Camley wrote:

Olga Johnson wrote:

Are you using a utility which autodeletes cookies? It sounds that something is killing your ID cookie when you hit the post button.

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Thanks for an interesting idea Olga. Sometimes Norton 360 decides to run in the background doing a PC tune up when there is little activity.

I still have my login confirmed by DPreview but the cookie could be gone.

Anyway, as the above poster said, I can copy before posting to fix the problem.

The one thing that I do notice is that the longer and more complicated my post, the more likely I am to i) forget to "copy" it; and ii) lose it!!! But that is just life's rich pattern at work.

Create a Word or Wordpad doc for writing the text.

Create an icon for it and place that icon on your desktop and in the Quicklaunch area (near Start button).

Then do all of your text editing in the document first. This provides spell checking, etc.

Then copy and paste the text into the forum post editor.

Don’t format (bold, italics, etc.) in Word / Wordpad because the DPR will strip that out when you copy and paste it into the forum post editor. You’ll need to do that inside of the DPR editor.

The thought that you could have a "cookie monster"in Norton could be possible.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Wayne.  I appreciate your comments and I think for complicated responses, using Word is a good idea.

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