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Re: May I offer a comment (and an example)

Darrell Spreen wrote:

I would like to say that this discussion has been informative and each party has expressed their opinions in a professional manner.

However, I think the sort of statement above is what offends some. I have taken your original JPEG (it is obviously your JPEG image) and made corrections in my image editor. It may not be precisely as good as what you did with your raw file, but it is far from being "no usable image". I have helped people correct their JPEGs on many occasions on these forums when they thought they were "lost".

Those who are not accustomed to working with JPEG files should be cautious about over-stating the difference between what can be achieved with raw files and JPEGs.

A couple of thoughts:

-I really wasn't trying to offend anyone. I have only been shooting RAW for 3 months, and have many more years of experience shooting and editing JPEGs, and I just offered my opinion as someone who has worked with both.

-Bear in mind with the image of the owl that you're not editing an OOC JPEG...you're editing a JPEG that was produced from a RAW file. An OOC JPEG would be slightly lower quality, and have more artifacts produced by the camera.

This image is unusable in my opinion:

It's just too dark, noisy, and small.

Even the image I showed is borderline unusable to me:

This was not meant to wow anyone with awesome image quality, it was just meant to demonstrate the 'safety net' aspect of shooting RAW. I don't feel that I have exaggerated or made any misleading statements in this thread. There are advantages to both formats, and there are disadvantages to both. I would not disparage anyone for using one or the other. Having tried both, I prefer RAW because it gives me more margin for error, and slightly better image quality. YMMV.

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