sRAW samples anyone?

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Jim Keye Senior Member • Posts: 1,973
Re: sRAW samples anyone?

Kuvasauna wrote:

Could someone with D4s post a sRAW sample for us to download please? It would be very interesting now that we speculate D800 update.

According to rawdigger:

  • It contains YCbCR data much like JPEG, not RGB data
  • The data is 11-bit
  • The tone curve is applied to the data
  • The in-camera white balance is applied to the data
  • The pixel count is 25% of regular NEF files
  • The color information is shared between two adjacent pixels (in other words, chroma is recorded for every other pixel)
  • The file size is insignificantly smaller than full resolution 12-bit lossy compressed NEF
  • Compared to a regular NEFs the data needs additional processing (linearization) while converting it to a TIF/JPEG; that may cause additional problems during the conversion as well as some additional computational errors
  • There is some loss of color accuracy in shadows, which negatively affects the usable dynamic range if color accuracy is important.

So...the D800/E. It has or shares the highest pixel count of any DSLR and can potentially capture more information/resolution than any other on the market. And then doing the above to that information is "interesting"? Seriously?

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