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Re: 3D1 3D Youtube video

Steve, When you say the 3D1 is blurry compared to the Fuji, I'm assuming you mean the video. I don't like the video on the 3D1, it is blurry and murky in low light. That said. I use the camera for stills mostly. They seem very sharp compared to my W3. You've given me a moment to pause and reflect on the W3 again. I think I will do some comparisons between the 3D1, W3 and TD10 and serve up the results I see. I also like the wider angle on the 3D1 than the Fuji. It allows me to get closer and still get everything in the scene. I am intrigued by the Advanced 3D function of the Fuji, which I've never used to take two separate left eye pics and combine them. Thus allowing more interaxial distance for landscapes. That said, I could do the same thing with the 3D1 by taking to pics with the camera moved apart and combining the jpgs into a stereo MPO.

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