POLL: How often do you shoot raw images?

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Perhaps the wrong question is being asked

djddpr wrote:


Does your posted partial resurrection of a terribly underexposed photo comprise all of your evidence for raw vs. jpg? I think not -- I have seen and commented favorably on too many of your photos. I know you to be quite good at photography. I expect that you have perhaps hundreds of raw post-processed photos that please you. Please share some of your favorites or even not-so-favorites that illustrate of your position. Let participants in this issue and photographers at large see results from each camp and decide for themselves. I include myself among those who are willing to be convinced that raw post-processing is (generally) superior to jpg plus post-processing; and, if the photographic evidence so indicates, I would be eager to learn from you and others.

I look forward to your participation.

David Dollevoet


For the excellent images you posted, I don't think anybody is claiming that working from raw would have yielded better results than your NR-2,Sharp-2,contrast-2 JPGs.   Those are all ISO<=200, and carefully exposed.  For your subjects, raw would offer no discernible advantage.  There's no reason for you to switch.

For those of us who for various reasons shoot at high ISO or in unpredictable light, saving as raw lets us turn some images which would be discarded as JPGs into keepers - and I hope there have been enough examples posted in this thread and elsewhere to support this perspective.

That being the case, I find it simpler to save everything as raw, because I cannot predict when the JPG will not suffice, and saving as JPG+RAW complicates my workflow.

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