POLL: How often do you shoot raw images?

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Re: Clearly the poll has spoken

I hope you are not classifying me as an anti-RAW person. My comment was slightly tongue in cheek and my previous posts show I am in the RAW when it is important camp.

I am fairly incapable of keeping to a routine though so workflow just could not be used to describe the way I work with RAW or JPEG or in any facet of my life. Nothing will change that.

cainn24 wrote:

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Greynerd wrote:

With jpeg you do not have to use the word workflow. You just copy them to your hard drive and look at them at your leisure.

.RW2 files contain a JPG (created using the in-camera settings), and you can view that directly with Irfanview, Faststone Viewer, and even (if you have the appropriate codecs installed) Windows Explorer. No workflow needed, unless you want one.

But more to the point, all of the most outspoken anti-RAW people (in this thread at least) already employ JPEG processing workflows of one sort or another, and that's what Sunny was talking about. From the perspective being offered by Greynerd here, they are therefore exactly like RAW advocates in that their methodology also runs counter to the prevalent SOOC JPEG preference.

And some of those workflows really are ultimately more complicated than processing from RAW, which is a point you've made before and I agree with.

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