OMD Em5 video question and FPS question

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Re: OMD Em5 video question and FPS question

gisligun wrote:


I have a oly em5 camera and have had it for almost a year now and I do think I have mastered most aspects of its grueling menu controls when it comes to photography. Before I had G1/epl1 and before that I had Oly E500 so the menu wasn’t all that new to me to begin with. But still it is a camera loaded with options so it takes a good time to learn what all the things do.

But now im getting more interested in videography and I have been trying to learn how things move in that department on the Em5 camera. Record in M mode and the 180° shutter vs fps rule and all that. And not to mention all the postproduction in Premiere Elements and.. well you get the point it’s an ongoing process.

But one thing bothers me Immensely and that is the lack of info Em5 gives about each video format. Sorry English is not my native language so its hard to explain. But when I go into video mode on EM5 and see the options I get: FullHD Fine/normal and HD fine/normal (Not interested in .avi).

So w*f does that mean? I know FullD Fine is 1080i and HD is 720p, but when I got to the manual It sais (aprox) 60 fps from a about 30p sensor output? Well when I try to find out on the internet what that means I get no answers. Ether ppl say that that its 720 60p output or its 720 30p output. Well in my books that’s really vague and I have no idea why it can so hard to just say its 30p or 60p and be done with it.

The reason for all this is I want try to make slowmo videos with programs like twixtor in after effects but its recommended to use at least 60p video to do that. So when I opened my HDfine vide in after effects and saw it was only 30fps (or about that) I got rely confused thinking from reading all the revives, like from dpreview that it has 60p video.

Can pls someone tell me what is the real fps on the different video settings and please tell me bluntly if Em5 is to limited for videos (slow mo) that I wish to do? And what is 60p from a 30p sensor output?

Best regards gisligun

You're right, the EM5 manual is useless. The camera outputs 29.97p. This is wrapped in a 59.94i wrapper. Ignore that though, it's 29.97p. You can't do 60p on the EM5. For slo-mo, what I do is drop it into a 23.97p timeline, conform it (this gives you a nice 80% slow-mo rate). Then you can add further twixtor or optical flow to it, slow it down by half again (ie down to 40%). It can work really well. Andrew Reid's EOSHD E-M5 video has some twixtor scenes in it, check it out on Vimeo.

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