POLL: How often do you shoot raw images?

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cainn24 Senior Member • Posts: 4,890
Now with a focus on noise handling in particular

Panasonic FZ200, 1600 ISO, JPEG (top) vs DxO processed RAW (bottom)

Olympus XZ-2, 3200 ISO, JPEG (top) vs DxO processed RAW (bottom):

Again, feel free to download the SOOC JPEGs and process to your hearts content.  Fix the colours, load them up in Neatimage or Topaz Denoise (or whatever else) and see how you go.

I have examples from other cameras too (LF1, Stylus 1, TZ60, E-M5) and they all tell me same story: I can try to clean up SOOC high ISO JPEG noise and the associated processing artifacts (while simultaneously endeavouring to preserve detail) but the results are just never as pleasant to my eyes.  The fundamental problem is that blotchy noise handling and other processing artifacts are really hard to deal with and this trend holds all the way down to base ISO with certain subject matter and shooting conditions.  To a lesser degree yes, and perhaps even to a degree that some people would dismiss as irrelevant, but viewing conditions are not fixed and neither are personal expectations.

I suspect that one of the bigger sources of all the disagreement here is the existence of varying opinions about what constitutes a sensible display size.  I would argue that there is absolutely nothing wrong with viewing an 8 or 12mp image at 100% on occasion.  Often there is some aspect of an image that is inherently interesting enough to make me want to take a closer look.  Almost all wildlife shots are like that I think.

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