Another camera choice decision

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Re: Another camera choice decision

After debating this for weeks (over a month really), I basically gave up and went with a basic Nikon D3200 thanks to a good deal I found. I couldn't decide on the mirrorless I would want and the necessary costs that it would require to get the really good lenses on it.

The Nikon is big, ugly and seems much lower tech, but at least I know it is quick in all types of AF uses and quick to turn on. I decided with an added 35mm 1.8 it will make sure I don't miss anything the first few years. And the size does not really bother me since I have relatively large hands.

That said, I almost kicked myself when, right after I bought it (within the hour), I saw the Olympus refurb sale.
But I feel ok with the choice. This plus my LX7 should have me covered.

I really do appreciate everyone's advice here. I do think I have now decided that when I do go mirrorless (still believe I will in a few years), it will be micro 4/3. The size advantage of the APS-C mirrorless bodies seems largely lost once you start putting good lenses on them.

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