POLL: How often do you shoot raw images?

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Re: Photographic evidence of what?

djddpr wrote:


Is verbal argument all that you have?

Not at all. I would simply like to know where you stand before I decide on a course of action.

It's not like I am asking for much. Just a simple clarification:

You appear to be effectively saying that shooting RAW and processing that output using decent RAW conversion software doesn't provide a single tangible practical benefit compared to an intelligently managed JPEG workflow, and that the many photographers who have observed otherwise are either deluding themselves or are simply ignorant of the precise JPEG shooting/processing techniques that make RAW so wholly redundant.

So in the interest of being clear (and potentially saving time), is that your actual position?


Let both sides in this issue show their photographic evidence and let participants in this issue and photographers at large decide for themselves.

Sherm has provided an example of overexposed highlights and a rationale for why it's not always possible to avoid them (particularly when taking other factors in the IQ equation into consideration). So far you seem to have let that one go.

phototransformations has provided an example of how an in-camera JPEG engine can smear fine detail beyond recovery, and as we should all well know some cameras offer minimal or even zero control over the related JPEG engine parameters.  So far you seem to have let that one go too.

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