POLL: How often do you shoot raw images?

Started May 1, 2014 | Polls thread
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cainn24 Senior Member • Posts: 4,890
Photographic evidence of what?

That processed JPEGs can look good? How is that a revelation? Everyone around here knows that already. They've conceded it already. In fact I bet absolutely everyone here would concede that even SOOC JPEGs can look good. Exceptional even. So rather than bringing a repudiated fact to life you are simply stating the obvious, and unfortunately you're going about it with exactly the sort of dogmatic arrogance that you attribute to RAW proponents (and falsely attribute to the people whom you are addressing because not only do we all freely make the aforementioned concessions, some of us even shoot JPEG ourselves on occasion).

Dogmatic arrogance? Absolutely. You appear to be effectively saying that shooting RAW and processing that output using decent RAW conversion software doesn't provide a single tangible practical benefit compared to an intelligently managed JPEG workflow, and that the many photographers who have observed otherwise are either deluding themselves or are simply ignorant of the precise JPEG shooting/processing techniques that make RAW so wholly redundant.

So in the interest of being clear (and potentially saving time), is that your actual position?

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