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Re: Photographic evidence -- part 1 of 3, 2004 thru 2007

In a earlier post I indicated my intention to submit more photographic evidence.  This is part 1 of 3, 2004 thru 2007.  2004 was with a Canon G3.  2005 thru 2007 was with a Olympus C8080.  All were taken as JPG output.  All are edited.  They are among my best results for each year -- in part due to my post-processing.  See photo captions for more information.

David Dollevoet

2004-0267  Bryce National Park  High contrast scene

2004-0337  Zion National Park  High contrast scene

20050911-163904  Chicago Botanic Garden  Some blown-out highs

20051121-162218  A highway rest stop in Arizona  Some blown-out highs

20060916-154642  Chicago Botanic Garden  High contrast scene

20061128-151030  Painted Desert National Park  A few blown-out highs

20070701-153930  Chicago Botanic Garden  High contrast scene, background replaced

20070901-114732  Devil's Lake State Park, Wisconsin  Moderately high contrast scene

You have created some really lovely images. I'm also impressed with your skill in replacing skies, backgrounds, etc. I'm not sure what you are submitting evidence to prove, however. I don't think any of us who prefer RAW think you can't get good image quality from JPEGs. (Indeed, most of my best pictures are from JPEGs because that's all I shot for the first 10 years of using digital). We just think there are additional advantages to RAW that either enable subtle improvements or make certain types of post-processing easier or more effective for certain kinds of images. I don't see where there's an argument. It's just a matter of how one person or another prefers to work. What am I missing in your intention here?

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