Advice for GPS to use during visit to UK (Yorkshire Dales)

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Guy Parsons
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Roundabouts are always fun :-)

chris_j_l wrote:

Ranlee wrote:

Regarding roundabouts. They're really not bad at all

If you feel happy with regular roundabouts, you need to move on to big boy roundabouts.

Start with Stansted Mountfichet/Thremhall roundabout - half a roundabout inside a full 6 exit roundabout.

Once you have mastered "Take the 5th exit" on that, you can graduate to Doctoral Roundabout Navigation:


Yup, the Magic Roundabout, been there done that when visiting friends in nearby Wootton Bassett, now Royal Wootton Bassett. From memory at the time (1996?) it was a flat paved area with paint everywhere for direction, no central obstruction. The locals ignored the paintwork and drove where they liked. Truly a magic roundabout.

From an earlier trip I remember some big roundabout like that up Birmingham way (I think) where a huge central low hill had a two way roundabout with many small roundabouts attached for side road messes. Confusing to see the traffic split and drive each side of the central bit.

We found the worst (for us) roundabouts were in Wales. Big signs approaching showed which exits for which major towns/cities, but when on the actual roundabout the smaller exit signs only showed intermediate unfamiliar named towns, many times we drove around a few times while trying to sort out the correct exit on a map book. GPS would have made it so easy, but those were map days.

Anyway driving on the "wrong" side of the road is fine while there's traffic flowing, it's when there's no traffic about you sometimes forget the side you should be on. Worse is being a pedestrian as the traffic flows in a different way to what your brain expects, made even worse by the English peculiarity of being able to park facing either way on either side of the road.

Regards.... Guy

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