Which gear would you pack for a night MLB game?

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Re: Which gear would you pack for a night MLB game?

Reach is what you want.  Expect gear restrictions however.  The 70-200 is a good choice on the D7000 or D700 - my guess (but you may already know) is the D7000 is a bit better since you'll likely be cropping.

Your best shots may be any plays at second or third, obviously.  200 on a DX sensor is even a bit short for second, I usually use a 400mm from the dugout and it's about right.  The outfield is hopeless with 200mm, and first is pretty tiny, and home may not be very visible (netting, fans, etc?) but is small.

I don't shoot in true major parks (just ones used in spring games), but I would expect lighting to be decent; you'll probably be around ISO 3200 and F2.8, if you keep your shutter around 1/800th or 1/1000th.   That's a wild guess.  Take some shots ahead, and consider using manually not automatic.  If it's fully dark (sky) the lighting won't change - get the right exposure for the faces, and use it.  Uniforms, grass vs. dirt in the background can make wild swings in exposure on auto.

If you've got a good view around the side of the dugout, look for good shots there as players come in and out, high fives, etc.  You really can't shoot a lot of the field, so make some opportunities if you can.

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