Steve Huff v3 first impression/review

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Re: Ouch! I just read it...

Raist3d wrote:


On AF- well if the Sony AF is that fast... I could understand that. But - and admittedly I am most likely in a minority- the Sony does not have an e-shutter for quiet, which the V3 does. And the V3 does it fast enough avoiding skew at least in the situations I used it.

Market wise I can't deny Sony is making a great value proposition. Maybe I can wait a little bit and see what happens price wise. I think as sold in the USA the V3 should be $900 TOPS if not $800.


You can add me to those who would love silent, wobble-free, shutters on a lot of the Sony cameras. In many ways my NEX-5N is lovely, but the shutter is the noisiest I have of any camera — in comparison the D600's shutter is quiet as a mouse!

So I am selling the rest of my NEX gear, and my wife's, except the cameras themselves that are worth nil on the used market, and the two Sigmas, as it is nice to have a lens for each of the cameras! If nothing else, they do great sweep panoramas!

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