4K GH4 test with 28-300mm Tamron

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Re: 4K GH4 test with 28-300mm Tamron

Alan_W1 wrote:

Pete Berry wrote:

Alan_W1 wrote:

This looks great Joe,

The gh4 seems well suited to these close-up tele situations......requiring ultimate detail.

Just wondering if you have tried the ETC feature yet.....using a manual lens?

I'm curious as to how many "steps" it requires to activate > magnify the image > focus > resume filming.....with the gh4.

With my g6 {with ETC assigned to an FN button}, I press this button {step 1}

Toggle down from the "stills" ETC setting {which annoyingly is its default position}.....to the video ETC setting {step 2}

Press rear wheel, to enlarge/magnify image {step 3}

Focus {step 4}

Finally...press record button/shutter button to resume recording {step 5}

Although it seems to be a lot of messing about on my g6 {and my previous gh2}.....in reality it can all be done within two or three seconds.

"Step 2" is the crucial {time wasting} annoyance for me, so I'm curious as to whether the gh4 defaults directly to the video ETC setting....when shooting video {which would be far more useful/ logical}.

I realise you may not have time to spare, but if/when you ever get a chance, I would appreciate your findings.


Alan, the most user-friendly solution to this I've found is to store the ready-to-shoot ETC settings to one of the custom dial settings. In my GH3, the C-3 setting had three sub-choices, and I stored my normal video settings in C3-1, ETC in C3-2, and slo-mo in C3-3. These toggle with the set button when the dial is in the C3 position. Don't know what the G6 has, but the GH4 seems to have the same setup, as I will soon find out!


Thanks for that suggestion Pete....I shall look into it.

There was a reason that it was not suitable to use the C1/2/3 options for my video settings with my previous gh2.....but I can't remember what that reason was.

I'm new to the g6, so I shall investigate if this is another option for me!

Thanks again {I shall give it a try this evening}

I couldn't wait any longer....so have just tried it,

Wonderful news {thanks Pete}...it works a treat!!

C2 is not usable for my purposes...I can't seem to save manual video settings {it stays in P mode}.

However,  C1 saves all my manual video settings, and I can now just alternate the top dial from the M position {creative video mode} with the ETC not active....to the C1 position with the same settings but with the ETC setting active.

This will make a vast handling difference for me....so thanks again for suggesting it!!

Can't wait to try it out "in the field"

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