Advice for GPS to use during visit to UK (Yorkshire Dales)

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Re:Thanks Guy...

Guy Parsons wrote:

Isabel Cutler wrote:

Will pass this on to my map and gps expert - (he regularly geocaches).

In the past (pre GPS) we just used Ordinance Survey maps for selected areas and one of those bookshop bought map books like the Rand-McNally style. Easy to pore over for exploring where to go next. And of course a coloured pencil trail of where we had been.

We did buy a Garmin but Lyn argues with it too much so Garmin stays at home mostly and we use printed maps. She is a great navigator. But the Garmin is great for setting a "home" place and getting back to it if getting a bit lost. For security reasons "home" while at home is not our home, it's an industrial complex a few miles away.

Right now I am in recovery from a computer crash yesterday. Fortunately was able to do a system restore with the help of my Windows 7 recovery disk.


Eeep, that's nasty to happen. Been crash-free for a while now (touch suitable wooden head) and changed from the lazy way of using Microsoft Security Essentials/Defender to using the free but slightly annoying Avast anti-virus as it rates the best of the freebies. Also run Ccleaner now and then to clean up the registry and clean out unwanted junk. Three notebooks in the house run Win8.1 and one netbook runs Win7. Every one of them has a USB hard drive attached that receives backups of stuff that matters updated every 30 minutes so a fatal crash won't hurt too much.

But we are veering off course..... Yorkshire is great, Whitby etc feels like home when there even though my dad was born near Birmingham and came to Oz when about 7. Maybe it the Yorkshire people are like many people here at home as growing up in Oz the population then was about 40% English migrants. "Ten Pound Poms" they were called as that was the cost of 10 pounds to get the migrant's seas passage here after WW2. ("Populate or perish" being the catch cry of the government of the time).

I like steam trains (am not an anorak fanatic) and will seek them out to photograph if near a restored railway so that often leads us to out of the way interesting places.

The Yorkshire Dales used to hold the giant golf balls that held early warning radar, the official notices said not to photograph them. But at the local shops there were postcards of the things on sale. Apparently those radar balls are gone and now there's a giant pyramid?

Captain Cook and Whitby means a lot to Aussies as he is the guy who charted the East Coast and named most of what he found as New South Wales, which came back to being a large State later within Australia. My ancestors consist of convicts and free settlers who came out on those early fleets when they decided to send the undesirables here as the US had closed its doors due to some little argument.

We speak a later version of English to the USA English, hence the different spelling of words like 'colour' and 'Fall' is 'Autumn' for us due to a creeping love of things French at the time.

You will enjoy Yorkshire, it seems more laid back than many places. But the main thing for USA visitors is to speak more quietly, most English do not like noisy people. We had a Wisconsin girl stay for a summer break and it took a few days to get her quiet and at normal volume (for us in Oz), but after she met up with other US pals she went back to very noisy and we had to retrain her.

Have fun.

Regards.... Guy

I thought you would like to see a photo of Captain Cooks monument on the Cleveland Hills North Yorkshire, this is on the Cleveland Way walk.

Captain Cook's Monument

This a view from the monument with the Cleveland hills in the background

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