Adapted Prime Lens - Manual Aperture?

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Re: Adapted Prime Lens - Manual Aperture?

JT26 wrote:

Serge 07 wrote:

You can spend a heck of a lot less and save for the appropriate Fuji when it comes along. May I suggest the Nikkor 105 f/2.5 AI or AI-s which is a stunner on my XE-1, for the measly sum of USD 200 and less. It may not be f/2.0 or faster as you requested but this lens is sharp wide open and the OOF rendering is first class as is color and contrast. Use it for portraits or landscapes as it excels at both.

An additional alternative is the Nikkor 85mm f/2.0 AI-s, which I do not own yet. It is smaller/lighter and gets great reviews from owners. It's a bit more expensive but also well within your budget.


Thanks Serge,

I totally agree and this is purely a stop gap for when Fuji release a 90 or 100mm lens, which they will do in time.

Can I ask what adapter you use? Can you select the required aperture?


Sure. I use an inexpensive Fotodiox Pro adapter (X to F mount with no aperture ring) which cost USD 25-30. I works great with my manual Nikkor lenses.

Yes, select the aperture on the lens and you can see the DOF in the viewfinder. Set the Fuji to shoot w/o lens, "M" mode and enable focus peaking if you prefer and/or use magnified view for critical focus. Using auto-ISO, you would set a minimum shutter speed of say 200-250 for such a focal length. The camera meters perfectly and all you do is focus and shoot away.

With your FT-1 and that terrific viewfinder, I suspect you will find manual focusing a breeze plus lots of fun.

Glad that I could help.

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