sRAW samples anyone?

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Re: sRAW samples anyone?

Kuvasauna wrote:

Would anyone care to put some D4s sRAW samples available to download? Playing with samples would help to understand what are the limitations of sRAW format.


I don't really need an sRAW file to play with.  Unless I took the shot and had RAW files for comparison it wouldn't do much for me.

But I would like to know what white balance controls are available in post processing software like Adobe ACR and Lightroom and how much highlight recovery is available.

Is the white balance control in ACR reduced to the same +/- slider that you get for JPEG?  Without any ability to choose sun, shade, flash, etc. or dial in a Kelvin value?  Is the ability to recover much in the way of highlights reduced to what you get with JPEG?

If so then I really don't see a lot of utility for sRAW.  People talk about it being great for event photographers who need to process thousands of images quickly.  But if the WB controls in ACR are just like for JPEG then I think you lose a lot of flexibility.  If you want to adjust WB across thousands of files in post then you won't be able to shoot in auto-WB.  I don't use AWB so it's not an issue for me but I suspect it would be for many event shooters.

I've not seen this specific question asked or answered before.  Does anyone know?

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