Can Pentax make A Decent Lens? Ricoh have not fixed QC issues...

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Re: Mighty Mike made an interesting observation!

As to the 50 1.8

It shows exactly what you'd expect for a cheap prime , very simple correction (approximation) of field curvature giving the classic 'wavy' field I posted previously

The lens tested by SLR gear is barely sharp ever but never horrible either it does hint at d-cnetering @f.28 but without testing for centring might also be field correction issues.

As I often say there’s no such thing as a silk purse of a sows ear ..... It always just a porkers earlobe.

If I'd paid £115 for it I'd be happy and not expect it to behave like the £600 da*55

Of which SLRgear say (despite visible decentering)

"In short, just excellent performance from this lens at all aperture settings"

You get what you pay for the da* being well corrected with minimal and linear field curvature even @f1.4

The slight d-centering of this example is of no concern being less than 1 blur unit across the frame and cleared by f2.8.

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