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Re: Is a FF camera worth it for these reasons?

dboreham wrote:

70Der wrote:

I don't honestly see the difference when looking at pics between FF and APS-C. Not sharper for example. But if

1) I could get more depth of field control (my F4 lens becomes one stop shallower for example)

Careful : the image created by a particular lens doesn't change depending on the sensor size. If you mean that a FF f4 lens will produce shallower DOF than an f4 APS-C lens of equivalent field of view, then yes. (e.g. 50mm@f4 FF vs 30mm @f4 APS-C).

oh man... Here we go.  there is no " true equivalent field of view" because the perspective is different - not to mention the lens characteristics.  I would say that "one can achieve a similar field of view, but one must realize the effects on perpective.". If you really want to feel this out for yourself, take the same lens and both bodies into the field and shoot them head to head.  I have over and over, and the reason I like FF is the perspective.  I fear I would love the perspective of medium format - something far to expensive for a hobbies like myself.

50mm and 30mm lenses have different characteristics, if you have a 50mm on FF, and 30mm on ASP-C - even though the field of view would be similar, you will see 30mm characteristics to your photograph you ultimately wanted from the 50mm....

but then again I do tend to be a purist, so equivalency is against  my nature .

2) I get an extra stop of noise free light.

3) Maybe better dynamic range and shadow detail

I would consider getting one in the future.

Two more:

4) Improved viewfinder experience (viewfinder no longer like looking through a narrow tunnel).

5) Ability to use lenses that have no equivalent in APS-C (e.g. 14mm f2.8, 85mm f1.4, well, almost every prime shorter than 100mm...).

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