645Z - medium format for the masses - is there still a market for a D4x?

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Re: Who is chasing who?

marcio_napoli wrote:

Dave, I'm joining Pat here, and will disagree with your statement.

CCD, yes, it has a look of its own.

I've shot countless CCD cameras (including 3 different digital backs - 22, 31 , 40 mp), and countless CMOS cameras (including the MF-like D800), and I can clearly see the CCD rendering.

it's because of the CFA...not the CCD...and yes,mI've been using ccd since the 80's for astronomical imaging and tri color filtering sets.  You can profile the camera to match the color of the CFa from the old ccd cameras.  Sorry, this is old news.

In fact, just for fun, I've made a comparison a few weeks ago between my D200 and my brother's D300.

CCD vs CMOS, both from the same technological era (sort of), same settings and same lenses.

I was surprised to see how different each camera rendered. Trully surprised, it was indeed a massive difference, more than I expected.

you were surprised at the different color rendering from the different cfas.  Profile the d300 color to match the d200, and magic...they are the same.  This is basic stuff.

My brother is an engineer. He does not believe in such "magical" CCD attributes, and he could clearly spot the difference.

He was spotting color differences...that is it.

Another comparison I've done: Phase One P40 vs D800

40mp CCD vs 36mp CMOS, again, a clear difference in overall rendering (no just colors).

different size sensors....duh

If you have ever downloaded any Leica M9 DNG, you know there's something very special happening there.

I've used the M9 a great deal, along with the S2...anything else?

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