Why do people still argue about equivalence?

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Re: I would appear that you don't quite get it.

Lee Jay wrote:

Mirrorless Crusader wrote:

You'd have to be an idiot to read these forums and not understand what it means by now.

Oh boy.

In order for 50mm f/2.8 on FF to be truly equivalent to 25mm f/1.4 on MFT you'd have to shoot FF at quadruple the ISO value, which essentially negates FF's advantage in image quality.

You don't have to shoot it that way, however. If light is available, you can shoot it at ISO 200, or 100, and get better IQ than is available on 4/3.

If you want keep the two stops of IQ and keep the same exposure then you need to pay (in size and money) for f/1.4 on FF.

Would you rather pay for an f/0.7 lens on 4/3?

The fact that you can get to the 35mm-equivalent of f/1.4 is a HUGE advantage of full-frame. And it's much more affordable than the alternative on 4/3. Same with f/2.8 zooms. Where are the f/1.4 zooms on 4/3, and could you afford one even it they did exist?

LOL you're still playing that game? FF is never more affordable because the huge difference in price between camera bodies, and wow I can't imagine the me3ntaly gymnastics it took you to rtionalize calling the f/2.8 zooms "more affordable." So basically it is as I said in the original poost - yes, you can get better IQ at worse exposure but you have to pay big-time.

If you're like me and don't want 95% of the image to be out of focus most of the time, then the ability to shoot f/1.4 on FF is pretty much irrelevant and in order to keep the same exposure, you will have to lose your advantage in IQ by shooting at ISO 800 instead of ISO 200.

I've shot at f/1.4-f/1.8 on full-frame and not had enough subject isolation. If you are shooting larger subjects, even f/1.4 on full-frame is often insufficient, much less on 4/3.

Then you are one of those rare people who only want 5-10% of the image to be in focus, that is a highly specialized style that is in stark contrast with the typical consumer's interests, for which M/43 is much better-suited.

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