Software for Gh4, 4K clips

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Re: PowerDirector is OK and has a demo version.

Lab D wrote:

JimJ46 wrote:

thorn- wrote:

IE, what's your budget?

Naturally it would be nice to start with a free demo, but if all works out, ultimately several hundred dollars would not be out of the question. I have looked at the new Davinci Resolve. They have a free version but it doesn't seem to support 4k. Then they have a nine hundred dollar version that does, and a twenty three thousand dollar version. If I end up really liking working with video the middle version would not be out of the question. Although to start out two or three hundred would seem more appropriate.

It gets good ratings and supports 4K.

I use it and like it. Full HD 1920 by1080 goes really fast and 4K video is slower but still reasonable. Software is very solid and easy to learn / use. Can't say the same for Vegas or Final Cut, both considerably more complex, more versatile, more expensive.

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