Formatting my CF card ?

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Fish Chris
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Formatting my CF card ?

So, I've never formatted my memory card. If I'm not mistaken, the camera will recognize a brand new card, and format it, at least the first time, automatically... correct ?

But then I have a buddy who says I should format my card, every time I use it ? This seems like overkill to me, but then lately, I've had two little glitchy things happening, that both seem like they could be from my card needing formatting....

1) My camera seems to not be able to rapid fire 20-23 shots, without any skips, like it did brand new ? Instead, it will do 5 or 6.... then like a very slight pause, then 3 or 4... then another slight pause....

2) I have had about 5 files lately that I bring into Lightroom, then PS, then save the finished product. But then, later, when I try to open that file, I get a message saying that is not a valid file ?  Yesterday, I processed one, and it opened just fine afterwards, for viewing on my PC.... but then, when I tried to add it to my gallery here, I got the same message about it not being a valid file ? So, I uploaded it to the forum, straight from my PC, and it worked fine ?

Could either of these two things have to do with my card not needing formatting ?

Oh.... This will probably sound dumb.... but the reason I've been procrastinating with formatting my card, is that I have about 8 of my best shots "locked" on it..... So when I run into people that want to see some of my stuff (which is pretty much every trip) I can say, "Well, hey.... check these out"....

But I guess I'll dump them if I have to.... Think that will fix my issues ? (with the camera, I mean LOL

Anybody ?


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